Watch NY Food Writers Soak Up Bourbon Camp With Celeb Chef Michael Symon

Here at The Infatuation, bourbon warms us up during New York winters, fuels late-night writing sessions, and has even inspired a cross-country search for great restaurants serving great bourbon. When we heard there was a Knob Creek® Campout happening down in Kentucky, we had to check it out. We may have watched a few too many camping-themed horror movies before the trip and underestimated how many layers of adult onesies we'd need to stay warm, but none of that matters when you wake up at a bourbon distillery.


We weren't entirely sure what we were getting ourselves into, but "Knob Creek® Bourbon" and "pig roast" were all the convincing we needed. And luckily, it's all on film: everything from getting taken to bourbon school by seventh-generation master distiller Fred Noe (heir to Booker Noe's bourbon throne and hopefully one of our long-lost relatives) to chatting with bourbon lover and celebrity chef Michael Symon and indulging in his once-in-a-lifetime pig roast with our fellow campers (an impressive group of Knob Creek® diehards).

You may find yourself tempted to experience bourbon camp for yourself after watching this video, so we came up with a few veteran pointers to help you prepare.

  1. As Fred Noe wisely advised us, camping out at a bourbon distillery is a marathon, not a sprint. And you can't savor those big, full flavors if you burn out on day one.
  2. Pack several layers of long johns. In fact, cover as much of your body in as many layers of clothing and bug spray as possible.
  3. You may have crafted countless Old Fashioneds, but trust us, it's different at a bourbon distillery.
  4. Do not watch any of the following before your trip: a movie in which a hiker has to amputate his own arm to escape a canyon nightmare, a film featuring city boys taking what turns into a terrifying trip down south, or the one where the plane crashes on a mountain and the survivors end up having to eat each other.
  5. WiFi is less available in the woods than you might hope. You'll want to wean yourself off of whatever you're currently binge-watching to avoid withdrawal at bourbon camp.
  6. Like most things, breakfast sandwiches can and should be cooked over a bonfire.
  7. There is no need to bring your own bourbon when camping at a distillery, but do bring a safe and secure drinking vessel. Spills are not easy to clean up in a tent.

So there you have it. With the help of our veteran wisdom and this video, you'll be fully prepared to take on the next Knob Creek® Campout. We'll probably be there perfecting our Old Fashioned skills with you, because there's no way we're missing another opportunity to head back down to the Knob Creek® Distillery for some quality time with our new buddy Fred Noe and a hundred-pound roasted hog.

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